My mission is to make the world better by developing strong, insightful leaders. A teacher by nature with a proven executive track record, I enjoy connecting driven people to their most authentic selves. Using powerful coaching conversations, assessments and training on leadership practices, I help people see how understanding themselves better makes them more effective in their organizations.

I earned an MBA from Belmont University in Nashville and enjoyed a rewarding career in risk management. In executive leadership at a Fortune 50 company I was fortunate to receive extensive leadership training and I had an epiphany. I realized that while technical knowledge matters, the further one progresses in a professional capacity, the more important it is to be skilled at leading people. So I decided to begin a new chapter in my career, driven by a sense of purpose that comes straight from my heart. I completed the course “Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being” at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I am now proud to call myself an executive coach, teaching businesspeople how to use their strengths to lead with compassion and assurance.

Leaders cast a long shadow and may not always appreciate the influence they have. My goal is to partner with clients to help them meet themselves where they are and understand the values, skills, emotions and habits that underlie their decision-making. Working from the inside out, my clients emerge with the quiet confidence that stems from self awareness and learn to forge a new path forward that benefits their entire organization.

Colleagues and partners appreciate my calm, even demeanor, professionalism, knowledge and sincere outlook. I am a thoughtful listener who is responsive and innovative.



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